At Liu Law Firm, we Devote Our Legal Practice Exclusively to Family and Immigration Law.

Family Law

Liu Law Firm Family Law Services in Allen Texas


Whether dissolving a marriage on no-fault or fault grounds, we strive to protect your best interests and financial security.

hands-helping-solidChild Support

Whether through court intervention or by agreement, we work hard to achieve a fair support order.

child-solidChild Custody

Whether through joint or sole managing conservatorship, we are committed to protecting your child’s emotional, mental, and physical care during and after family law litigation.


When you need to enforce an order of support or visitation, we are committed to help you gain access to your child or to enforce court-ordered support.


When there are material and substantial changes in your circumstances or the circumstances of your child or other person affected by the order, we stand ready to make the modification process as smooth as possible and explain every step in detail along the way.


Whether establishing paternity voluntarily or through genetic testing, we are dedicated to protecting your parental rights.

wedding-ringsPrenuptial and Postmarital Agreements

Whether you are already married or not yet married, a marital agreement can give you and your spouse-to-be peace of mind about protecting both your hard-earned assets and the future.

Immigration Law

Liu Law Firm Immigration Law Services

flag-solid Naturalization / Citizenship

When applying to become a U.S. citizen, we can help you stay abreast of constantly changing naturalization laws and steer through the naturalization process swiftly and effectively.

address-card-solid Green Card/Permanent Residency/Adjustment of Status

Whether applying as a 2-year conditional resident or adjusting your status to a permanent resident, we understand the complexity of immigration laws and can guide you through the paperwork and interview process.

briefcase-solidEmployment-Based Visas

When seeking to work legally in the U.S., we can help you comply with U.S. immigration laws and procedures to help you obtain permission to work toward the American Dream.

house-user-solidDeportation Defense

When facing deportation through a removal proceeding, we understand your stress and frustration and strive to help you achieve your goals.

passport-solid Family Visas

Whether a loved one is staying on a temporary or permanent basis, we are committed to reuniting you with your most precious asset, your family.

shield-alt-solid U-Visas/Violence Against Women Act

Whether as a victim of a crime or suffering from family violence, we can help you seek lawful immigration status under the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act and the Violence Against Women Act.

Why Liu Law Firm?

We know first-hand the myriad of issues and stress you face when navigating Texas family courts and the U.S. immigration system.  We understand that your future and the future of your family may be on the line and stand ready to help you as your family law attorney or immigration attoney through personalized legal solutions.  We also offer legal services in English, Mandarin Chinese, and French.

Our team at Liu Law Firm has over 17 years of experience in Family Law and Immigration Law.

Liu Law Firm personalizes the strategy of each case to meet your unique and individual needs. 

Here at Liu Law Firm, we keep our clients updated every step of the way, from the initial filing of a case or petition to every hearing, trial, or interview.

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What They Say About Sandy

A Guardian Angel

Sandy represented my interests in a child support modification and enforcement case. Being that Sandy previously worked at OAG and knows the ins/outs of a confusing process, she was able to answer all my questions with insightful domain knowledge of the child support system. But even more importantly, she explained things to me in a clear, calm, and encouraging manner. Sandy thoroughly prepared for my case and executed flawlessly in court. She was tough and crushed opposing counsel with her arguments and rebuttals (I almost felt sorry for the guy). Sandy is an excellent attorney who cares about her client's best interests and I will highly recommend her to anyone and everyone I know who needs family law assistance!


Sandy Liu is an AWESOME attorney!

I have worked with Sandy Liu for almost a year now, and she has been wonderful working on my very complicated case... I do HIGHLY recommend Sandy Liu who was a great listener, very understanding, but also very aggressive, wise, thorough, well spoken in court, and does not back down to a fight in court...


The Best!

Sandy Liu is excellent! I am so thankful my sister-in-law recommended her. Shortly after marrying, I found myself in a very troubling and bad situation. I was then faced with divorcing a man that I feared. Sandy was diligent, honest, supportive, understanding and professional. She prepared me for all that I was facing and maintained my dignity and grace even through a painfully messy divorce. She knows the law intrinsically and if you have the unfortunate fate of dealing with a punishing opposing party, Sandy will absolutely protect and defend you. Highly recommend.


A Great Lawyer with an Amazing Heart!

Sandy Liu helped me with Family Law matters. Sandy gave prudent great top notch advice on how to minimize my risk from a variety of angles and best safeguard myself, which I greatly appreciate!!! Sandy was empathetic and down to earth and calm, which made me able to take in her advice easily. I very much enjoyed working with Sandy Liu and would definitely want to use her services again when needed.


Sandy is Amazing

I can't thank Sandy enough for helping me with my case. She took it on with short notice and was on vacation and still responded and helped while on vacation! She is up front, honest and thinks ahead, she doesn't beat around the bush and is patient with you during the process.


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