How Do I Become a U.S. Citizen?

U.S. citizenship may be acquired by birth, through naturalization, or military service:


  • Those born in the U.S. or to U.S. citizens may be considered citizens by birth;


  • Those who are not U.S. citizens by birth or did not acquire U.S. citizenship automatically after birth may be eligible to become a citizen through the naturalization process; or


  • Those who have served honorably in the U.S. armed forces for at least 1 year during a period of peacetime or those who are current military service members who served honorably in an active-duty status or in the Selected Reserve of the Ready Reserve during specific periods of armed conflict designated under U.S. law.


  • Becoming a U.S. citizen is a very important decision and may be considered the pinnacle of the immigration process, providing numerous rights as well as responsibilities.


  • U.S. citizens have many rights that permanent residents do not have, including the right to vote.

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