How do I Prepare for a Divorce?

  • While there are many aspects of a family law case that are beyond your control, preparation is key to effectively communicate your goals and expectations to your divorce attorney.  Gather or organize as much evidence as possible, such as documents, financial account statements, text messages, screenshots, social media messages, or photographs, that will help prove up what you are asking for either in hard copies or digital format. You will also need to provide access to your documents and details about your finances to your divorce attorney.  Consider sending all of your questions in a single email, teleconference, or meeting so as to save costs; daily correspondence with your attorney may only increase your costs and anxiety about your case.

  • Text messages and social media posts are often used as evidence in court.  While it may be tempting to retort with a quick, retaliatory text message or social media post, you should first consider how a screenshot of your message appears in court as an exhibit.

  • Texas is a one-party consent state, meaning that you can record a conversation that you are a part of without telling the other person in the conversation that you are recording your conversation with them.  Similar to text messages and social media posts, voice and video recordings are also often used as evidence in court.

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