What does child support cover? Child support covers the basic needs of the child which includes food, clothing, and housing expenses.  Child support is also intended to cover a child’s medical care.  Texas requires divorced or separated parents to maintain medical insurance for their child. In most family situations, the parent who has a better insurance plan from their workplace will be responsible for maintaining the child’s medical insurance.

Child support may additionally extend to educational expenses, childcare, extracurricular activities, and transportation or travel.

  • Educational expenses include the cost of keeping a child in school, books, lunch money, tuition, uniforms or clothes for school, and tutors.
  • Childcare is intended to cover the costs of hiring childcare if one or both parents work outside the home and are unable to watch the child.
  • Extracurricular costs may include the child’s involvement in sports, summer camps, musical instruments etc.
  • Transportation costs include the primary parent’s ability to provide safe transportation to and from essential places such as school, stores, doctor appointments and expenses to maintain the vehicle.


Can you Stop Paying Child Support if Both Parents Agree?

In short, yes but it is not common practice.  Parents can sometimes agree that paying no child support is needed.  However, courts have the duty of ensuring that the parents are held accountable for supporting their children. A judge may consider the agreement to end support if the income of both parents is similar and they can equally afford all the child’s expenses and split those costs.  Above all else the court must decide in the best interest of the child.  If there is doubt that the child will receive the necessary support from both parents, then the court will not reasonably allow child support to end.

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